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A 360° approach to your projects, with and for your stakeholders

  • There is often a lack of coherent connection between the diagnostic, brainstorming and implementation stages of innovation… and a lack of cohesion between the project’s stakeholders
  • BeBetter&Co breaks down the barriers between these stages and stakeholders
  • This means creating flexible and efficient channels of communication
  • The success of your project depends on the ability to deal with a subject in a single group dynamic and create coherence between the different stages

To create this cohesion and coherence, we rely on three tried-and-tested principles:

  • Carrying out an objective, systemic, shared diagnostic, rather than just a ‘flat’ X-ray of issues that are often complex and involve many factors and which is difficult to convert into actions
  • Working with stakeholders to prioritize areas for progression, co-creating meaningful and effective action plans to optimize commitment and practical implementation
  • Drawing on collective intelligence at every stage, helping reveal and aggregate the wealth of ‘knowledge’ and ‘power’ unique to an organization and its ecosystem

Our methods are designed to maximize understanding, the conditions for success and stakeholder commitment in the implementation of company and brand strategies