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innovation management


Share, challenge and feed new innovative processes, giving collective intelligence its full meaning

  • Enable completely ad hoc ideas and solutions to emerge
  • Highlight the production potential of collective intelligence
  • Inspire group ownership and commitment to change and innovation processes
  • Organize quick and prioritized implementation
  • Go beyond creativity and brainstorming to create truly value-building, pragmatic innovation for stakeholders


  • Predict/brainstorm the future of the business, its markets, brands and solutions
  • Optimization/rationalization of company innovation management
  • Co-construction of the company’s vision/project
  • Support areas/hubs of innovation, involving diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem
  • New working structures, new cooperative practices
  • Excellence in the marketing and sales value chain
  • Identification of new markets, business potential and levers for development

Tools & methods

  • Assessment of situations, phenomena and dynamics internal and external to the company (field research/desk research, benchmarking, systemic strategic analysis, etc.)
  • Prioritization matrix for goals, opportunities and levers for innovation
  • Multi-stakeholder co-creativity sessions, synchronous and/or asynchronous, live and/or via online joint innovation platforms. Various steering methods based on audience and subjects (eg. learning exploration, metaplan, World café, Open forum, Serious game, Open conf, etc.)
  • Co-design of action plans and project plans, involving innovation hubs and the areas for change management


  • Senior Management
  • Board of Directors/Executive Committee
  • Human Resources Department
  • Innovation Department
  • Transformation Department
  • Marketing & Communications Departments