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Raison d'être

Assist collectives and individuals as they seek to better understand each other and work and progress together:

  • Support companies and organizations as they seek to achieve their goals for innovation, mobility and competitiveness
  • Generating performance and value for everyone involved


We are driven by two major beliefs:

  • That social value is the key driver for strong, individual and long-lasting economic value, creating new global competitive strength
  • That listening to and engaging stakeholders in projects is the key to their success


Stakeholder commitment drives project and business performance, which in turn creates further stakeholder commitment.

To develop individual and group dynamics, we assist you:
To build a coherent project (precise assessment; astute architecture; controlled deployment)… created in cohesion with its ecosystem.

Common values

We are united by common values:

  • Dedicated to bettering the performance and well-being of our clients: the &Co
  • Being ever curious, open and in touch with the realities, ideas and dynamics of the world
  • Striving for “just” practice in research, consultancy, and business in general
  • Associer sincérité, humilité, vision, adaptabilité, efficience et générosité
  • Combining sincerity, humility, vision, adaptability, efficiency and generosity

What makes us unique

The &Co approach, the art of collective problem-solving,
makes us one-of-a-kind!

  • A systemic, multi-stakeholder approach for solving your issues
  • A combination of three complementary skills for a 360° management of your projects
  • An ability to turn listening and group brainstorming into concrete actions
  • A tailor-made approach and dedicated teams for every situation


Being a role model to accompany groups becoming economic & social leaders:

  • A brand renowned for its progressiveness and excellence in group project management
  • A leader in change and innovation management