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Change management


Create project coherence and stakeholder cohesion to ensure your projects’ success

  • Carry out studies and diagnostics internally/externally, with various stakeholders
  • Encourage sharing and alignment group brainstorming and mobilization
  • Highlight collective intelligence à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de votre organisation
  • Identify common and priority levers and projects
  • Define action plans that are engaging, sequenced and clear


  • Development of a vision project or business plan, the primary tool for collective development of the organization
  • Co-creation of strategic plans and their associated roadmaps
  • Understanding, ownership and mobilization in development projects
  • Development of the cultures and practices required for change: confidence, autonomy, agility and responsibility

Tools & methods

  • Steering and management of performance
  • Coaching & training
  • Managerial practices audit
  • Sense-making barometer
  • Management social model
  • Creative workshops and conferences
  • Collective intelligence


  • Senior Management
  • Board of Directors/Executive Committee
  • Human Resources Department
  • Innovation Department
  • Strategy Department
  • IT/Digital Department